Raritan Valley Math Group, Inc. (RVMG) is 501(c)(3), volunteer-led group whose purpose is to deepen mathematical understanding and problem solving in middle and high school aged students. We explore areas of math that are beyond the typical scope of the public school sequence. Our students are a mix of public schooled, private schooled, and homeschooled. Most reside in Morris, Union, Essex, Somerset, or Mercer County in New Jersey.

RVMG is coached by Simon Lee, a former math competitor, who placed third in Canada in the Euclid Competition, fifth in the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, and top 100 in the Putnam Competition. He studied pure math as an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo and also as a graduate student at Columbia University. Administrative duties for our group are handled by two parents, Sharon Lee and Amy Marinovic.

A subset of exceptional RVMG students form the Raritan Valley Math Team (RVMT). RVMT competes in regional and national mathematics competitions including the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), the Princeton University Mathematics Competition (PUMaC), and the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML).  At HMMT in November 2017, RVMT finished 10th place overall (out of 147 teams), received fourth place in the Team Round, and tenth place in the Guts Round.

We accept new students based on an examination which we hold twice per year in September and March. Our next exam will take place on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at Raritan Valley Community College, held in conjunction with Storming Robots, with prizes for top middle and high school contestants as well as smaller prizes for other fun mini-events. Information and registration are available here.