Sept 24th, 2022 Qualifying Test

Our Fall 2022 qualifying test will be in person on Saturday, Sept 24th, 2022 at 8:45 or 10:30 am in Millburn, NJ. Please pre-register via this link as seats are limited . Questions? Email
Returning members do not need to take a new qualifying test – a separate group registration will be sent to previous year’s members.

Spring 2022 Contest

Thank you to all who participated in our Spring 2022 Contest.

The following by initials and location have been invited to join our group.
RA 1st place, Charlotte, NC
AC 2nd place, Basking Ridge, NJ
AB tied for 3rd place, Edison, NJ
EF tied for 3rd place, Wilmington, NC


Who We Are

Challenge. Stretching beyond the typical school curriculum. Finding other students who truly enjoy math. Members of the Raritan Valley Math Group (RVMG) come from around New Jersey to meet together weekly in Somerset County, NJ, eager to deepen their mathematical understanding and hone their problem-solving abilities. All members have demonstrated truly exceptional math ability via RVMG’s assessment tests. After weeks and months of math exploration, some of the group members are further selected to represent the group and compete in the nation’s top high school math competitions including Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT), CMIMC, MMATHS and American Regions Math League (ARML). Although competitions are a part of RVMG’s activities, the emphasis is on exploring areas of math beyond the usual sequence and supporting the love of math which the students share. It is a fun, informal environment led by a group of parent volunteers. RVMG is coached by Simon Lee and Stela Anguelova – bios on our homepage.

The Test

The test consists of an individual 90 minute exam (no calculators) with problems similar in difficulty to high school level AMC/AIME. The exam will determine a student’s eligibility to join Raritan Valley Math Group for its weekly meetings, normally held in Somerset County. Any student in grades 6-12 who has completed, at a minimum, Algebra 1, is eligible to take the assessment.

All candidates must pre-register.  This year, candidates outside of RVMG’s geographical region may register for the qualifying test and participate in online meetings if selected. However, RVMG’s online meetings may revert to in person as local health and safety conditions allow.


Q1:  How many students will RVMG accept from the qualifying test?
A1:  RVMG does not have a specific target number.  Usually only a small number of students are at the level of math maturity to qualify.

Q2:  How often does RVMG have a qualifying test?
A2:  RVMG holds a qualifying test in March and September.

Q3:  Is there a registration fee for the qualifying test?
A3:  The registration fee for the qualifier is $10.

Q4: When will I find out the results of my qualifying test?
A4:  As soon as we have the opportunity to grade all the tests, we will be in touch with the candidates. This timing should be a week or less but may be longer if there is a large number of candidates.

Q5:  Can students not residing in Central NJ participate?
A5:  Our Sept 24th qualifying test will be in person in Millburn, NJ and our 2022-23 meetings will be in person in Basking Ridge and Millburn, NJ.  Please be advised if you reside outside commuting distance from these locations.

Other questions?  Email